Easyone, AIS MOB SART beacon emergency transmitter

Easyone, AIS MOB SART beacon emergency transmitter
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Easyone, AIS MOB SART beacon emergency transmitter
Easyone, AIS MOB SART beacon emergency transmitter
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Products Description

The easyone AIS MOB SART beacon emergency transmitter is used in an emergency as a personal EPIRB. The floating easyone unrolled after activation of an antenna and sends an AIS MOB emergency report with the individual device ID, the GPS position, and heading and ground speed from. This information is represented by each AIS receiver on the display as an emergency, therefore is an optimal target travel (homing) for recovery possible. The device is available in two versions, with manual release or with manual and automatic initiation by water contact. The compact device can be used in a life jacket or Notpäckchen or sailing suit integrated werden.Weitere Details:

- 1 Watt Sendeleistung- least 36h operating time after activation
- range depending on antenna height up to 7 nautical miles < br /> - strong LED flashlight for better visibility
- no radio license, registration or registration necessary

Specifications - dimensions:
- weight: 120 grams < br /> - battery: 6V, 2 lithium cells C17345, life: about 7 years, test function to check
- transmission frequency: 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz, transmission power: 1 Watt
- GPS receiver with integrated antenna, rolled up in accordance with IEC 61108-1, automatic fold-out FM antenna in sleep mode in the device
- Supported AIS messages during transmission operation: AIS position report, device Identikationsnummer, COG, SOG
- operating Temperature: -2 ° C - + 55 ° C, storage temperature: -4 ° C - + 70 ° C
- Includes safety line

instruction according to battery legislation:
This product contains rechargeable batteries. Battery life is very long, yet they must eventually be disposed of. Batteries contain valuable but also environmentally hazardous raw materials that can be recycled. Therefore, batteries should not be mixed with household waste and consumers are legally bound to bring batteries to a suitable collection. You can her, contained in the purchased equipment from us, also return batteries to us. We will dispose of them for you free

The means Mülltonne- symbol on batteries or devices. Batteries must not be disposed of with household garbage. The chemical character to § 17, paragraph 3 BattG code (Cd, Hg or Pb) is imaged with the dustbin. The dimension of the chemical symbol has taken at least an area of ​​one quarter of the area with the dustbin. The characters Pb, Cd, Hg mean of the dustbin:

Pb: battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead
Cd: battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium
Hg: battery contains more than 0.0005 per cent of mercury

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